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"Wang Wenlan" At the launch of his wonderful book "Facing the Cold", Philip McMaster congratulated China Daily, Wang Wenlan, all the people involved in the production of the book, the Chinese Military for thier rapid and compassionate help in the crisis, and the Chinese People for their courage and cooperation in the face of disaster.

Philip McMaster is from Montreal Canada, (the same city where Dr. Norman Bethune was educated and developed many innovations in Medicine) where he particpated as Director of Volunteer Coordination with "Cool to be Canadian" during two major disasters caused by Global Warming in 1997 and 1998. (see links below for details)

Presented with complimentary copies of the "Face the Cold" book, in gratitude Mr. McMaster shared the new Chinese Sustainability Symbol (3 fingers) with many of the key dignitaries, noting that he had developed the symbol in China, when teaching MBA students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This "made in China" symbol, researched and developed by the McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development of Commerce, is designed to become an ATTITUDE that the Chinese people will practice first for the Olympics, (balancing Society, Environment and Economy) and then export as China's gift of sustainability to the world.

Today Philip McMaster is Principal Researcher with the McMaster Institute for Sustainable Development of Commerce www.SustainabilitySymbol.com and Eco-Entrepreneurship Coach with www.Dragonpreneur.com , www.Dragonpreneur.com/blog

a description of the research and development of the Sustainability Symbol and programs for Chinese students of business and entrepreneurs can be found at the following websites: www.Dragonpreneur.com, www.DragonThink.com,

National Emergencies where Philip McMaster has assisted citizens:


In 1997, Philip McMaster was leader of "Cool to be Canadian" ( www.CooltobeCanadian.ca )crews helping the military build dams to protect the city from floods - www.cool.ca/cool_en/fld_action.htm

Ice Storm

In 1998, Philip McMaster was leader of "Cool to be Canadian" crews protecting Canadians from the ICE STORM covering Eastern Canada www.cool.ca/cool_en/icestorm_album.htm

Jan 13, 2000 - Philip McMaster cooperates with China Daily on Environment Book

Stop homogenization to protect tourism
By: Philip McMaster in Beijing


04/17/99 Philip McMaster - Sustainable Adventure in Hong Kong

Photos of the "Facing the Cold" event can be found on Flickr at the following address: www.flickr.com/photos/dragonpreneur/sets/72157604040544560/

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Image by Bludgeoner86
Me with Scott Leibfried omg! (Sous Chef on Hell's Kitchen and regular Chef in real life)

Gateway of India
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Image by Pedro fait de la Photo
Where even famous celebrities like me are approachable and can pose
for a photo-op with the whole family (I only charge 15 Rs. get yours
now!) I guess families visiting Mumbai from a village haven't seen
many white folks. :)